Here are a few of the things we will need to discuss:

1. What date do you plan on coming to the mountains?

2. What part of the day do you want a guide? (morning, afternoon or all day)

3. What kind of tour are you interested in? (photography, nature study, hiking, history, geocaching, scenic drive, bicycle, a work shop or just an informative day in the mountains)

4a. Do you have a specific destination in mind? If not, what type of sights are you interested in seeing, learning about and/or photographing? (waterfalls, vistas, history, etc.)

5. Are you a local resident or are you visiting our area?

6. What experience level does your group have in the outdoors?

7. How many people do you plan to have in your group?

8. What is the best way to contact you to discuss the details of your trip? (cell phone or e-mail)

There are several ways we can arrange the transportation aspect of your tour.

a) We will meet you at a central location and your group can ride in the tour guides vehicle (F-150, four door pickup). This type of tour offers the maximum exposure to the mountain environment, because you don’t have to concentrate on driving. This is suitable for all but the “point-to-point” type of hiking trip.

b) We can meet you at the trail head. This is good for hiking or biking based trips, “loop” or “out-and-back” type trips. Or for “point-to-point” type trips, you can meet your tour guide at one of the points and shuttle to the other point.

c) For those of you who prefer to drive your own car, you can meet our guide at a central location and our guide will provide a safari from the passenger seat! This service provides a knowledgeable guide who will join you in your car and is a good fit for the more budget-minded group.

Cost of the trips is dependent upon all of the factors discussed above.

Simple hiking tours where you meet your guide at the trail head can start as low as $15 per hour for the first person and an additional $5 per for each additional person. Trips where the tour guide provides transportation will start as low as $25 per hour for the first person and an additional $5 per hour for each additional person. These costs may vary based upon the logistics of the individual trips. Any additional costs associated with the tours (drinks & snacks, equipment usage, maps, photo & video processing, etc.) will be discussed prior to departing on the tour. Total fees for the tour will be due at the end of the trip payable by cash or check.

Paper work

Waiver & Assumption of Risk Agreement - Please read and note any questions that you may have about the risks involved with activities in the mountains. Each member of your party will be required to sign this before we begin the tour.

To schedule a tour or to discuss how we can assist with your adventures in the mountains, contact us at:

E-Mail us at:

Phone us at: (706)429-5385

Text us at: (706)429-5385 (please include your name and trip request)

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