Outback Guide Service (OGS) is your private guide service to day hiking the North Georgia Mountains. Based in Dahlonega, Ga, Outback Guide Service will work to find what you want to see and will point out things you never even thought to look for. Each tour is like having your own personal ranger to show you the mountains and their secrets that are often right out in the open but few ever notice.

Your experience may include incredible vistas, gentle cascades, waterfalls, ancient forests, crystal clear mountain streams, the Appalachian Trail, hidden trails, old home sites or relics & ruins of the Dahlonega/North Georgia Gold Rush. Outback Guide Service will strive to provide quality experiences and adventures for all of our guests.

Specializing in single day adventures, we offer a large selection of Georgia mountain tours including; photo safaris, nature safaris, guided hikes, auto tours, interpretive guided nature walks, classes and seminars. We offer workshops on video cinematography, time lapse photography, nature photography and action camera (GoPro). Instead of getting lost out there, let Outback Guide Service take you on your next adventure and show you the best our mountains have to offer.

Let us take you on hikes and adventures for any skill or fitness level. From easy to difficult, we have a hike for you.