Trails and Vistas

Blood Mountain Vista (looking South)

RamRock Vista in the fall

Preachers Rock Vista in the winter

Cowrock Mountain Vista

Cowrock Point Vista

Wildcat Mountain Vista (looking West)

Steel Trap Knob Vista (looking southeast)

Black Rock Mountain Vista (looking North)

Dahlonega Panorama from Crown Mt.
(click for larger image)

Blood Mountain Cove
Drone Photography

Steel Trap Knob
Drone Photography

Grassy Point Vista
Drone Photography

Appalachian Trail near Preachers Rock (Summer)

Appalachian Trail near Preachers Rock (Winter)

Appalachian Trail (spur trail) on Wildcat Ridge

Appalachian Trail at Springer Mountain

Benton Mackaye Trail at Ball Mountain

AT at South RamRock Mountain

Rest Area north end of Big Cedar Mountain
(on AT north of Preachers Rock)

Freeman Trail (notice the blue blaze)

AT on Tray Mountain

Tray Mountain Vista

Appalachian Trail in the fall

Appalachian Trail with 1 ft of snow